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Photo class testimonials

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"Thank you so much for the class today Amy and Tavis. I learned so much today and am so inspired to keep learning!! Thanks also for being so transparent with what works for you in photography and business!!! Loved it!!!!"

"Thank you for teaching me so much! You both are great teachers and I really enjoyed going out and taking some pictures. I also liked how you put on the slides what settings you used. I'm excited to get more equipment and expand what I can do." -Lacey

"Thank you Tavis and Amy for the wonderful class yesterday! I really learned SO much and I am so much more comfortable moving on up in my photography :) Manual mode all the way!!!!" - Alyssa

"All I knew how to use was my ISO before this class. Now so inspired and excited to be more creative! You guys are awesome! Thank you!"

"Being a new photographer this was very inspiring. Thanks"

"You two are so fun and I really learned A LOT about my camera and what I need to do to get my shot! I love to laugh and learn. Thank you!" - Fonetta S.

"THANK YOU BOTH, so much!!! For your time & talent and most of all just giving back"

"Extremely beneficial. I had a very remedial understanding of exposure. After the class I feel a lot better about it. Awesome class and I can't wait to go shoot."

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for Photography 101 yesterday. You have unleashed a beast in just 3 short hours! You guys ROCK :-)" - Emily D.

"You both have a great outlook and an easy to connect with personality! Thank you for sharing your info!"

"Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. Actually seeing and hearing make all the difference." -Patti L.


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